Welcome to the World of Bamusers


Welcome to the World of Bamusers where you can assume a bemusement is just around a corner, around the block or around… beyond.   

Because there are so many interesting characters in our world, art subject material of the human nature kind seems inexhaustible to me. Isn’t every gesture and physical line a tale that could be told? I think of the Old Masters who made excruciatingly clear and detailed human faces conjuring them from flat surfaces and colored pigments. They knew where to look and to find revealing facial and physical expressions, illuminating human attributes which in turn display the wonder and immutability of the natural nature of man.

The Bamusers attempt to find those signs too, but are quicker made things than those old paintings, and certainly less elaborate. I’ve been told they can capture some of that natural nature of man too, but very differently of course. 

I use no paints and create no vast landscapes either, using only pens & ink & pencils and markers and, OK, sometimes crayons.

If you’re interested in commenting about any of this, I’m happy to hear from you. Oh, and please buy my book, BAMUSERS: Musings in Art.